Overstuffed Sandwiches

- East Coast style Overstuffed Sandwiches with a West Coast twist.
- Important steps to eat these big monsters: roll up your sleeves, press down on the top, grab a whole of the side, lift to your face and start eating.
- Be Warned!!! High in protein, taste and carbs.
- Bread Choices are (French) White or (San Francisco) Sour Dough.
- All Overstuffed Sandwiches are dressed with fries(except #3 and #10), cole slaw, tomatoes, and provolone cheese (Except #7).

1. The B-B-Beast  $7.99 (sorry, no meat substitution)

Feeling E-E-Extra hungry, this is for you! The ultimate king of overstuffed sandwiches; Pastrami, Roast Beef, and Corned Beef, sliced thin and piled on high.



2. The B-B-Beauty  $7.49 (sorry, no meat substitution)

Feeling E-E-Extra hungry, but trying to cut down a tiny little bit of calories? We recommend you to take this over the B-B-Beast! Filled with Low Sodium Turkey, Oven Roasted Chicken, and Black Forest Ham.



3. Veggie Deluxe   $4.99  

Fresh cut lettuce, tomato and avocado, dressed with fried onion rings, cole slaw and provolone cheese.


4. Roast Beef   $6.49  

 Juicy London Broil cut of Roast Beef, sliced thin and pile on high.

5. Turk  $5.99  

 Low Sodium Turkey breast for all you health conscious folks.

6. Chicken  $5.99  

A favorite classic that is to die for. Roast chicken sliced thin and stacked high.

7. Hot Capocolla  $6.99  

It's spicy, it's juicy, it's Pork! A spicy Italian flavored pork shoulder, thinly sliced and pile on high and ready for you to eat. For an extra spicy kick, we used pepper jack cheese.

8. Corned Beef  $6.49

A marble cut of corned beef, for those that like a little juicy fat in their sandwiches.

9. Pastrami Rachel  $6.49    

Naval cut of smokey, peppery pastrami, deliciously sinful, sliced thin and piled on high for you.

10. Breakfast  $6.49

Every day should start out or end up with a little breakfast: chopped bacon, ham, fried egg, and tater tots. Mmmmm...